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Some notes on software and beyond

Prepositions and Arguments

I had some crazy idea how to make C++ code more readable using prepositions. It would take some discipline to use and probably serious industrial people would consider me mad.

Opaque Pointers Revisited

Opaque pointer (aka d-pointer or pimpl) is a great C++ design pattern useful for prolongated binary interface compatibility, properly hidden implementation and faster compilation. However, it has inherent performance drawback, which could get pretty critical if you care about efficiency. In this post I propose an approach that makes d-pointers less binary compatible but swipes away its inefficiency.

Actions With RAII

You may know RAII as a cool idiom that makes it pretty easy to handle resources finalization automatically. When used properly, it reduces LoC, helps to avoid bugs and gives more safety for free. This makes RAII an important part of modern C++.

Any Struggles

In C++ you can’t just forget about types. Each variable has its own type that is not going to be changed by any means. What if you really need something heterogeneous? There is a known idiom called Any that enables you to erase the type and recall it later.